Paul Roy

This is Paul’s Story

Paul has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. It started when Paul was in his early teens with a lawn mowing business. He had newspaper routes and at one point a small wood working business all before the age of 18. Paul had acquired his first “bricks and mortar” business at the age of 26 along with his wife. Paul’s other business acquisitions included a Computer Forms Company and a Yachting facility. He has also managed large divisions of companies in the corporate world with great success under his leadership.


  • Passion 80%
  • Resilience 60%
  • Patience 50%
  • People Skills 90%

“The wind will blow you in the direction it wants, unless you know how to adjust your sails.”

– Paul Roy

What Paul brings to the table is a vast experience of business. Paul has learned in his success that you have to begin with the end in mind. Success in business is so much more than generating more revenue. It’s about you running your business and not your business running you.

Paul’s people skills and desire to succeed helped him grow business as a result of his entrepreneurial spirit. He is also a serial volunteer who embraces giving his time and money as a way to focus less on self and more on lifting others. He believes his many setbacks in life amplifies having empathy for those in struggle. We are stronger as a result of our setbacks.

Paul’s next book “Shoot and Aim Later” is planned for launch in the fall of 2017.