It Happened On Purpose

Value Yourself Without Being Full of Yourself

Paul R. Roy’s ADD fueled a rush in and ask questions later attitude that took years to understand and harness.

Two business failures, a firing from a public executive position and two failed marriages later, Paul still carries an optimism about life that is infectious.

This book is an extraordinary story of resilience and passion for life. We all love story tellers, and this book contains so many nuggets they won’t feel like lessons.

“Paul Roy won the birth lottery, but his life has not always been easy. As a child living with ADHD before it was a common diagnosis, taking on the waves in his first love, or dealing with the economics of corporate giants invading small towns, Paul faced them all the same way – head on.

It Happened on Purpose gives you the reader a chance to benefit from Paul’s experience. He gives you a head start on the road of life.”

– Les Kletke, Author, Professional Speaker, Writing Coach

“I met Paul 10 years ago when he was first interested in business coaching. Having worked with Paul professionally, I can attest that he is relentless in always looking to improve on his skills and be the best he can be.

Paul’s book, It Happened on Purpose, is a testament to that commitment and a great blend of business and life skills and stories relevant and practical for any business leader – present or future.

– Marilyn Orr, Executive and Leadership Coach, Capacity Building Coach, Founder and Owner of The Cedars Wedding Ranch, Green Wedding Venue and Wellness Retreat

“Paul’s book prods the status quo with a compelling and provocative premise that it is at the hand of failure that we discover our greatest riches and victories. Paul truly embodies a business leader spirit of adventure, dauntless attitude and relentless resilience as he faces life challenges full-on. It Happened on Purpose is an archetypal gift of the hit story and a must read for entrepreneurs and others who need a boost of courage to persevere in the current economy.”

– Peter Davison, CEO of Gift of the Hit Publications Inc.