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Inspiring Trust, Building Credibility, Managing Difficult Conversations

Trust and Credibility are keystones to every business and personal relationship. Part of building trust is the process of managing difficult conversations. These are the areas in which Paul excels.

Most people take trust for granted. However the lack of trust is one of the main factors in the breakdown of communications in an office environment. Poor employee performance can be attributed to a lack of trust or the inability of the business owners and managers to have healthy constructive conversations with their staff. Your staff will tell you what they want if the questions and the situation is right. It’s time to turn off “I wonder what they are thinking” and have happy productive employees.

Paul’s keynotes and tailored workshops are informed by his 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His stories are compelling and inspiring, and at their core is Paul’s commitment to helping business owners and managers create a vision and a purpose that will fulfill their personal dreams and desires that will propel profitable businesses growth.

Paul can help you and your organization have those difficult conversations that lead to trust resulting in increased productivity.

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Paul’s keynotes and workshops can be tailored for your organization, depending on the number of staff and your specific needs.